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Second Round Edits are back!

Second Round Edits are back!

Didn’t have much to correct in the way for second round edits on The Wild Hunt.  So I’m guessing it’s pretty polished.  I got the first stage of my cover art in from my artist, so that has the green light.

I’m so excited for the re-release of The Wild Hunt.  It’s going to be polished, and edited, and have beautiful new cover art.  I really hope you fans and readers out there enjoy this final…

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going through the first tattoo tag on here and laughing at how many girls get those ugly cliche bird silhouette blobs

I got a bird for my first tattoo…a raven, across my chest.  lol

i am definitely not hating on all bird tattoos! they can be really good! i am just talking about the little solid black blob ones (usually flying away) that seem to be a trend. 

I’m on mobile so I can’t do a picture share. But you can find it on my blog somewhere. Lol. I think my tattoo tag

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